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Bring a little sunshine to la rentrée

Learn English with a smile this September


Launch Sale!!

Launch Campaign.gif

We are proud to announce the launch of our wonderful new website and the coming of the next step in the life of Mr Jones Language Academy. 

We are so happy in fact that we are offering a wonderful 10 % off our entire range of tailor-made lessons this September. 

We want to help you learn English, improve your confidence and communicate more effectively. So get on board, join the English learning community and let us assist you through the process of improving your English.

Launch Sale Terms and Conditions*

  1. Offer is valid between 01/09/2020 and 31/09/2020. 

  2. For this offer to be valid the first lesson must start before 09/10/2020.

  3. This 10% discount is applicable for the following courses:

    1. Private English Lessons​

    2. Online English lessons

    3. Emergency English Lessons

    4. Private English Lessons​ - Corporate

    5. Online English lessons - Corporate

    6. Emergency English Lessons - Corporate

    7. Group English Lessons

    8. Conversation Classes

  4. The 10% discount is limited to 1 contract per physical person (personne physique).

  5. For Group English Lessons the 10% discount is limited to the first 2 students on the contract. ​​

  6. The number of contracts with a 10% discount for a company (personne morale) is unlimited as long as it adheres to condition N°5.

  7. Mr Jones Language Academy reserves the right to refuse the discount for any reason. 

  8. Mr Jones Language Academy reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer at any time without prior notice by amending these online. Once we issue a quote with a validity period, it cannot be altered or changed.

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