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Speaking Practice

Regular speaking practice improves confidence and helps maintain English levels

Practice makes perfect!

Our English conversation classes are the perfect way for your employees to keep their English up to date. We offer informal sessions where any employee who is free can pop along and join the chat over tea and a biscuit. Yes, very British. Lol. During these conversation classes we will discuss a diverse number of topics ranging from “Breaking News” to the “Royal Family” to more specific topics connected with your sector of business allowing your employees to practice speaking in less formal situations. At the end of each chat, we will offer advice on areas of English to work on based on mistakes made during the conversation and provide a list of vocabulary discovered during the class.

Practical info

Practical info


80€ / h TTC 

Face to face

*we come to you

You choose the duration


No prerequisits are required for this training. 

When can we start?

We will start as soon as your schedule allows.

Persons with disabilities: 

Face-to-face lessons: we come to you in a location of your choice.
Online courses: please contact us so that we can discuss adapted support. 

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