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Mini Group Coaching

Small groups allow maximum speaking time for your employees

Tailor made group coaching

Mr Jones Language Academy offers dynamic English learning groups which create the perfect atmosphere for learning. We limit our groups to 6 people as this will maximize the speaking time for each student.  

Does your company have specific needs? Check out our Skill workshops.

Practical nfo

Practical info


110€ / h TTC

3 - 6 pers

160€ / h TTC

Face to face* / Online

*we come to you

Au choix


No prerequisits are required for this training. Although we strongly recommend that students have a similar level.

When can we start?

We will start as soon as your schedule allows.

Persons with disabilities: 

Face-to-face lessons: we come to you in a location of your choice.
Online courses: please contact us so that we can discuss adapted support. 

Our methods

Deep dive needs analysis:

Each group coaching session is 100% tailor-made. To do this, we will do a deep dive into the English needs of the students. Asking when, where, why and with whom they need to speak English. What problems they have and why. This, added to the online level test and oral analysis will give us a good base to build a tailor-made program.

Practice makes perfect:

We will focus on the specific needs that we identify during your deep dive analysis. We will do as much oral practice as we can by putting you in situations that will arise until you are confident in your ability to communicate effectively. 


During the speaking practice, our teachers are constantly making notes of mistakes in grammar, pronunciation and syntax and will also give constant feedback on progress by correcting mistakes directly or at the end of the lesson in a 10 minute feedback and correction session. 

Extra curricular activities: 

We will help you as much as you can during our coaching sessions but it is also up to you to practice between lessons. To help you with this, we run multiple free activities each month where you can use what you have learnt with us in real-life situations. Activities include the Pub Night, Book Club, Basketball, Picnics, and more. It is the perfect opportunity to speak, network, laugh and lake friends with other English learners. Learn more here.

Lesson content

These lessons are 100% tailor-made. Content will be created depending on the results of your deep dive needs analysis with the teacher.

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