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Come join the dream team!

Why work with us?

Mr Jones is a human sized language school based in Paris. It was created by Dave & Ceri who worked as teachers and managers in the French ESL industry for over 15 years before taking the best from what they learnt throughout their careers and moulding it into the Mr Jones Language academy we know today. 

Coming from the industry and working as teachers before gave us the perspective from the teachers' side of the coin. Because of this, we have set up our processes to be as little time-consuming as possible (of course we still have to adhere to certain French regulations 🙄), but we have streamlined it as much as possible. 

We are looking for great, happy people to join the team in any capacity. Of course, above all, we want experienced teachers to join us on this journey but also if you have any experience that may interest us, (sales, community manager, marketing, etc) don't hesitate to get in touch. 

We look forward to meeting you!  

Dave & Ceri

Let’s Work Together...

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