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Intercultural Training: Business Accelerator

Cultural differences and their impact on the world of work.


Learn the best tips and techniques to help improve your international relations.

This 2-day training is done in partnership with Maple Coaching and is a module that provides you and your employees with the keys to improving the quality of your international relations.

This accessible and pragmatic intercultural training is centred on the world of work and efficiency in professional relations. This is a step towards the success of your international transition.

Practical info

Practical info

3000€ TTC

Online : 12h (4x3h)

 F2F : 2 days

Face to face* / Online

*Paris or Lyon


In English : B1 minimum

In French : None

When can I start?

As soon as we find a time which works for all parties involved. 

Persons with disabilities: 

Face-to-face lessons: we come to you in a location of your choice.
Online courses: please contact us so that we can discuss adapted support. 


The training allows you to leave with a better understanding of yourself, of your culture, and invites the participant to take your first steps (or your next steps!) in a multicultural environment. For each of the 8 themes, the participant leaves with methods and ideas to work better with a culture different from his own.

Lesson content

  1. How do cultural differences affect our business ?

  2. How to prepare for culture differences ?

  3. Cultural Differences in Business: A Practical Approach in 8 parts

    1. Communicating

    2. Evaluating

    3. Persuading

    4. Leading

    5. Deciding

    6. Trusting

    7. Disagreeing

    8. Scheduling

  4. Examples

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