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English coaching for your employees

Transform your business. Empower your employees.

Your employees have the right to training and expect the best. 

Your organization deserves the best customer service and quick response times.

Provide your employees with our private lessons that are 100% tailored to their specific needs

Choose the number of hours that suit you.

Choose a rhythm that best suits your schedule.


Having individual lessons allows the teacher to personally identify which areas of language need to be strengthened. Lessons are then planned based on objectives defined together and through continuous agile evaluation methods.


Our dynamic, 100% tailor-made English learning groups create the perfect atmosphere for learning. 

Smaller groups (max 6) = more speaking time per student.

Workshop themes designed around the needs of your company

Improve performance in English where it really matters for you.

Reach more of your employees with larger working groups. 


Offer conversation classes to your employees to keep their English fresh and up to date. These informal sessions are perfect to keep moral high and English levels even higher.

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