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Hybrid - Monster Slaying (Online)

Honing a hero's to skill to tackle those grammar dragons 🐉 and confidence-destroying demons 👹

More immersive experience. Your kids will be dreaming in English by the end!

Learn twice as fast through stimulating group discussions and personalized follow-up.

Native, bilingual teachers experienced in bringing kids' imaginations to life.


Mini-group lessons + Individual coaching: the best of both worlds

Immerse your kids anglophone culture​ this summer. With fun group lessons in the morning and more targeted individual lessons in the afternoon, your kids will be drinking tea, wearing bowler hats and complaining about the weather before you can finish verse of God save the King.

Practical info

1 week / 15h 

600€ TTC

2 weeks / 30h

1150€ TTC

3 weeks / 45h

1700€ TTC

4 weeks / 60h

2200€ TTC





*Group lessons = 10h per week. 2h per day. Monday - Friday at 09-11 or 11-13.

*Individual lessons = 5h per week. 1h per day. Monday - Friday in the afternoon (times are flexible and will depend on the availability of the teacher).

**Prices indicated are per student. 

You save


11 - 18

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