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Solo Hero Quest

May the Jones be with you.

Native, bilingual teachers experienced in bringing kids' imaginations to life.

Designed to keep their attention.
30 / 45 / 60 / 90 minute classes available.

Flexible times. We fit into your schedule. Evening and Saturday classes available.

Tailor-made individual coaching with a mentor 

100% tailor-made language coaching online - designed specifically around the needs of your young heroes.


Being face-to face with a native, bilingual teacher is an invaluable part of learning a language. Our teachers know how to create a comfortable, engaging learning environment in which your kids can build their confidence and allow their language to flourish.

For younger kids, we have the option of quick lessons. Short and designed to keep their attention. 

Practical info

Practical info


7 - 18 years old


65€ /h


Online - Microsoft Teams Education

Lesson duration

30 / 45 / 60 / 90 minutes


No prerequisites are required for this course. 

When can I start?

As soon as your schedule allows.

Hybrid lessons

Add group lessons to supplement your child's progress with additional speaking practice during games and roleplays with other learners.

Our methods

Deep dive needs analysis:

Before lessons start, we will contact you learn more about your child and their English needs. In order for everyone to benefit the maximum possible from lessons, it is important for us to know their strengths, weaknesses and learning style beforehand so that we can tailor our lessons to each group so that we can create a dynamic, symbiotic, happy group where learning can be fun and not frustrating.

Practice makes perfect:

We will focus on the specific needs that we identify during the deep dive analysis. We will then combine these needs with as much oral practice as we can through games and role plays designed to build your kid's confidence in their ability to communicate effectively. 


During the speaking practice, our teachers are constantly making notes of mistakes in grammar, pronunciation and syntax and will also give constant feedback on progress by correcting mistakes directly or at the end of the lesson in a 10 minute feedback and correction session. 

Lesson content

These lessons are 100% tailor-made. Content will be created for your child depending on the results of a deep dive needs analysis done with their teacher.

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