Community and Vision

Become a part of something bigger...

Here at Mr Jones, we don't just want to provide you with lessons but also want you to be able to practice what you have learnt in real-life situations. We are building a community around our lessons so that you can use English in a less formal context. It is also a great way to network and make new connections.

And... It is all 100% free. 


Pub Night

Sometimes it is easier to speak in informal situations. Come to the pub with us and make new friends in the process.


We offer yoga lessons in English. Why not do your favourite hobby and learn at the same time. 



Mmmm ... Picnics

Coming Soon !!

Buddy Program

Join our Facebook group. Find friends who are looking to do activities while practicing English. 

Theatre Lessons

Theatre lessons are a way to build your confidence. 


Basketball Club

Join our basketball whatsapp group and play with us on the weekends.  

Coming Soon !!