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Community Events

Become a part of something bigger...

All Mr Jones students have free access to our community events.

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Speak in real-life situations

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Build your confidence

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Network & make new connections

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Have fun!



Sometimes it is easier to speak in informal situations. Come to the pub with us and make new friends in the process.


Mmmm ... Picnics

Make the most of the summer by joining us for a picnic. Relax in the sun while practicing English. Friends, family & colleagues welcome.



Do some sport and learn a language at the same time! It is a win win situation! Unless you lose the match :)


Join us for tea and scones at Smith and Sons café and bookshop on rue de Rivoli for some conversation about the British culture.


Coming Soon !!

Theatre Lessons

Theatre lessons are a way to build your confidence. 


We offer yoga lessons in English. Why not do your favourite hobby and learn at the same time. 

Book Club

Read a chapter of a book or short story before, then join us to discuss what you have read. 

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