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Mr Jones is here to open doors, break down barriers, create connections and to give you the confidence you need to communicate effectively in English. Forget lists of irregular verbs. With Mr Jones, you will speak, you will communicate you will be immersed in the English language and learn through doing. 

The cornerstones of our philosophy:


Personalised Lessons 🧵

Every lesson is tailored specifically to your individual needs. Tell us your objectives at the start of your training and we will create a lesson plan that is designed for you. 

Speaking Practice 💬

Practice makes perfect! We believe that speaking practice is the key to improving your English skills. Our lessons focus on building your confidence by providing ample opportunities for conversation practice. We use role plays and practice situations that are relevant to real-world scenarios, so you can feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

Comfortable Learning Environment 🏡

We create a fun, safe learning environment where you will feel comfortable making mistakes without feeling judged. A place where you will enjoy coming each week. Practice with us to build your confidence, then go into the real world and feel great when you finally overcome that "block" that has been holding you back.

Community 🍻🍕🥳

To help you stay motivated, we want you to meet others with the same interests and passions as yourself. We want you to feel like you belong to a community. Therefore we offer social events where you can practice your English outside lessons and practice in real-life situations.   Learn more about our community here ➡


Engagement through Technology 👨‍💻

Using the latest, cutting edge teaching technology ensures our lessons are interactive and engaging, while our paperless approach helps us minimize our environmental impact.​

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