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Mr Jones Junior

Engaging lessons to keep your young heroes captivated!

Mini-group lessons (online)

The cheeky monkeys: ages 11 - 14

The big dogs: ages 15 - 18

Give your kids the opportunity to fall in love with English this summer. We offer small groups and engaging activities to give them more speaking time and keeping them involved. Working in grops, playing games and completing challenges. Your kids will have an adventure in the world of English (we promise they won't bring the weather back with them).

1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks available. 10h per week. Special back to school week also available during the last week of August.


Tailor-made individual lessons (online)

Let Obi-Jones Kenobi guide your young Jedis through the obstacles of the English language while helping them see the magic of communication through engaging activities, games and lots and lots of speaking practice.


Available throughout the year at any time that suits you, our 100% tailor-made individual English lessons will help your child build their confidence and improve their communication. 

Choose from 20 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 90 minute lessons for younger learners.

The best of both worlds: mini-group lessons & personalised individual follow-up

Banish any monsters that have crept into your kids' English with hybrid lessons.  Give your kids a more complete training by mixing the fun with the essential. 


*this ferocious monster is not included

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