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Les langues sans complexe!

The "Mr Jones" Method

Unlocking potential through Tailor-made coaching. 

The Problem... 😫

The current learning methods are ineffective, generic and inefficient. Feeding on money, time and productivity.


Training is expensive 💸

Every hour spent studying haphazardly is still an hour paid for.

It is unproductive🥴

Students may need hundreds of hours to finally cover everything they actually need resulting in a loss of productivity for their employer.

Students get frustrated😩

Learning a language in high-school was a painful experience for most people in France, and they still carry this trauma as an adult, the current method just reopens this wound.

Our Solution... 🥰

Mr Jones method is the most value concentrated learning format on the market, no time or money is wasted.

100% tailor-made and adaptable ✂🧵


Coaching based: relevant speaking practice in real-life situations 💬🏋️‍♀️💬​


Mr Jones Social Club 🍻🍕🥳


Improved confidence💪, higher engagement😍, quicker progression🏃‍♀️ & happy customers 😁.

Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom!

FREE for all our students & HR contacts.

Use English in real-life situations, build confidence, network and have fun!

Learn more here ➡


J'ai été toujours très à l'aise pour échanger en anglais avec Dave, il vous corrige et vous explique vos erreurs tout en vous insitant à continuer. Il est toujours très positif et permet de progresser vite. J'ai pu grâce à lui partir sereine avec un bon niveau d'anglais.

Elsa R

Chargée de Mission Evaluation


All these wonderful companies have trusted Mr Jones Language Academy 😍

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