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E-learning: the future of language learning

Interactive and engaging e-learning with Mr Jones Language Academy and Global Exam

Start your e-learning  journey and take your language skills to the next level!

At Mr Jones Language Academy, we are dedicated to providing the best language learning experience for our students. That's why we are excited to announce our partnership with Global Exam, a leading e-learning platform that offers a wide range of language courses and certifications.

With Global Exam, you can now enjoy the benefits of e-learning alongside our face-to-face and online English lessons. This partnership allows us to provide a more flexible and personalized learning experience that fits your busy schedule and individual needs.

Practical info

Practical info

3 months

150€ TTC

6 months

1 year

250€ TTC

400€ TTC


English is eligible to be funded with CPF / OPCO / FNE / Pôle Emploi. 

(has to be taken with a minimum of 10h)


There are no prerequisites 

When can I start?

As soon as your schedule allows.

Global Exam


Adapté à vos objectifs pour des résultats concrets

L'approche immersive aide à gagner en confiance

Une expérience utilisateur exceptionnelle aide à rester engagés

L'ajout de l'apprentissage en ligne maximisera les possibilités d'apprentissage et augmentera le nombre d'heures disponibles pour vous. La plateforme Global Exam offre jusqu'à 150h de formation (selon le niveau et les besoins individuels).

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